What is a coffee score and how is it awarded?

Following a series of ‘cuppings’ from coffee tasting pros, a score is awarded based on a number of different criteria: A coffee with any defects is unlikely to score more than 80 points, as the penalty is so high. Between 1 and 3 points can be dropped if a defect is detected in the cup, and multiplied by the number of cups in which it’s present.

What is a coffee grader score?

What is the SCA coffee score system?

They’re tricky to compare, so the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) came up with a system to give every coffee a score out of 100. 65 – 80 = Commodity Coffee The type used to make supermarket coffee, blends and instant.

How many coffees have been rated 94 points or higher?

We found 1347 coffees and espressos that earned an outstanding score of 94 points or higher. The reviews below appear in reverse chronological order by review date. Older reviews may no longer accurately reflect current versions of the same coffee. Complex, uniquely composed, tropical.

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