What is a coffee flight and should you try one?

If you tend to linger at coffee shops long enough to order at least two drinks, or if you like the idea of comparing coffees from different countries side by side, then you’ll likely enjoy a coffee flight. Similar to a beer or wine flight, a coffee flight consists of two or more drinks assembled by the barista and served together as a set.

Is airplane coffee really that bad?

What are the flavors of the coffee shot flight?

This Coffee Shot Flight has three unique coffee flavors you have got to try! Churro Diablo; a mix of Rumchata, Irish cream, and aged rum garnished with a sugary house-made churro, Good Morning Vietnam; Hennesy vs Espresso, condensed milk & coffee cream & Wake the Dead; Tequila, coffee liqueur, and agave nectar.

Do you drink airplane coffee and tea?

“I always drink the airplane coffee and tea,” Pleva said. She specifically prefers the espresso from first class, but said the tea tastes great — so she blames the coffee pots for the “gross taste” of coffee.

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