What foods go best with coffee?

Here are some ways you can pair your favorite baked goods with coffee:Croissant: It should come as no surprise that a flaky, buttery croissant pairs perfectly with a French cafe au laitMuffins and doughnuts: Muffins and doughnuts pair well with most coffees, but especially Mexican and Costa Rican coffeesCoffee cake: Coffee cake pairs extremely well with light to medium roast Nicaraguan or Hawaiian coffeesMore items…

What fast food place has the best coffee?

What are healthy substitutes for coffee?

Best Healthy Coffee AlternativesMatcha Tea. I’ll start with my favorite! …Chai Tea. Chai tea, also knowns as Masala Chai, is a blend of aromatic spices and herbs combined with black tea and milk.Rooibos Tea. …Golden Milk. …Chicory Coffee. …Yerba Mate. …Hot Lemon Water. …Adaptogenic Coffee. …Apple Cider Vinegar. …Kombucha. …More items…

What snacks go with coffee?

The event will feature: coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts. Tours of the building will also be provided for those interested. Spry Church, 50 School St., offers free food boxes with enough food to accommodate a household for a week. Boxes can be picked up 10:30-11:30 a.m. Thursdays.

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