What does your coffee reveal about you?

happy to go with the flow and therefore do the same with hot milk and a bit of coffee because, well, what can go wrong.’ He adds: ‘They’re ultimately, quite boring people.’ If an espresso if your go-to hot drink, then you’re likely to be quite the …

What does your coffee choice say about you?

What does your coffee do for You?

With all of these recipes, particularly delicate ones like the steamed eggs, I’ve learned how important it is to pay attention to wattage and power levels — a small adjustment can make a big difference! Barbara Kafka wrote “Microwave Gourmet” back in 1987, documenting the ways a microwave could make excellent lemon curd and stuffed tomatoes.

What your breakfast says about you?

I was convinced that I had seen everything until I watched the guy in front of me in the breakfast line … ask them about it—you never know what you’ll learn. To the guy who put the ketchup on pancakes: I really wish I knew your story.

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