What does Peaberry coffee taste like?

Peaberry coffee tends to be very bright and acidic, with high levels of sweetness and concentrated flavors. Many people describe peaberry coffee as an enhanced version of whatever bean the peaberry came from, and we like this description.

Is Peaberry Coffee “better”?

How is Peaberry Coffee treated and roasted?

Once the coffee is sorted and processed, peaberry coffee is treated in the same way as a normal bean. Like all beans, a roaster will roast a test batch or two to determine the optimal roasting procedure to achieve the best results for the bean.

What percentage of coffee cherries are Peaberry?

No one has been able to figure out the cause of this genetic mutation, but we do know that usually, less than 15% of all coffee cherries will be peaberry producers. Where Does Peaberry Coffee Come From?

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