What does horsetail tea taste like?

This beneficial tea boasts a smooth, earthy taste. Plus, it’s caffeine free, so you can enjoy a cup of tea anytime. HEALTH BENEFITS – Our Horsetail Tea optimizes urinary tract health, supports hair growth, and bone development, and is a natural source of silica, B vitamins, potassium, malic acid and antioxidants.

What is horsetail tea good for?

How to make horsetail tea?

Wild Horse TailEdible parts of Field Horsetail: Harvesting: Pick it in a clean area. …Be creative and enjoy! …Other uses of the herb: The stems contain 10% silica and are used for scouring metal and as fine sandpaper. …skin and nails cocktail: * You will need: horsetail, lemon juice, water and stevia. …

How to use horsetail herb for improved health?

Precautions for using horsetail include:Drink lots of water while taking horsetailDon’t take if you have a kidney problemCheck with your doctor if you take medications as some may interact with horsetail (including causing potassium imbalance)Horsetail may lower blood glucose so diabetics should check with their doctor before useMore items…

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