What do you mix with mint for a mint tea?

It combines mint with rosehips and hibiscus–two especially sweet-tart flowers that balance out the fresh flavor of mint nicely. 1/2 cup dried rosehips (I highly recommend choosing organic rosehips.) Add a little dry stevia leaf if you like, or sweeten to taste after you brew each cup.

What flavors go well with mint?

What can I do with fresh mint?

Add equal part finely chopped mint, fry together thoroughly with a tiny pinch of salt. Serve dollop of mixture over soups, stir fried veges, on plain yogurt or cheesey pasta dishes or quiches, as a spread on sandwiches or on pizza as the main event. It’s limitless.

What type of tea should you pair with your next meal?

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a thick slice of cheesy goodness on a night in. Complement your favorite ‘za with a cup of full-bodied black tea. If you’re going for a lighter pizza (i.e., one with a thin crust and more delicate toppings), try a smoky green tea. For a lighter winter meal involving sushi, genmaicha tea is your best bet.

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