What do jujubes taste like?

The chewy and waxy texture of Jujubes is fairly unique, but they have been compared to gumdrops. You will also find that some people feel like they are close to jelly beans in texture as well as taste. Some people also say that they are a lot like a candy called Chuckles.

Are jujube’s The original jujubees?

What is a drunk jujube called?

Such jujubes are called zui zao (醉枣; literally “drunk jujube”). The fruit is also a significant ingredient in a wide variety of Chinese delicacies (e.g. 甑糕 jing gao, a steamed rice cake).

What is the difference between juicyfruits and jujubes?

The candy was sold a Juicyfruits for the early years of its existence, and Jujubes were made as a separate candy in the beginning years of the company. The Juicyfruits are softer and are clear in design. This gives them a very different texture and flavor than Jujubes.

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