What are the strongest coffee drinks at Starbucks

Starbucks has been a go-to place for everybody to jump-start their mornings, and good strong coffee is one sure way to fire you up and keep you going through the entire day. It doesn’t matter if you like warm cups or cold beverages; the coffee chain surely has something for everyone who wants a great drink to start off their day.

Two Coffee Brewing Methods

Starbucks makes its coffee in two main ways: brewed and espresso-based coffees. Though the intensity of caffeine in a brew has multiple factors, the process of extracting the coffee from the grinds is one of the major factors that affect it. 


We’ve all heard the term “shot” whenever we’re dealing with caffeinated beverages. This refers to the number of espresso shots are there in a beverage. If you want a more intense coffee flavor in your drink, you would often opt for more shots. Espresso is brewed through a specific type of machine that forces out hot water through fine grounds of coffee under a significantly high pressure. This process of extraction results in an almost sweet, caramelly type of flavor and a layer of foam called crema above the coffee. This process might seem easy from a viewer’s point of view, but trust me, it requires a considerable amount of practice and skill. 

Brewed Coffee

Brewing is a more special way of extracting coffee from the grinds. It requires a significantly longer time than espresso, and it’s extracted through natural means by letting gravity work its magic. There are also multiple ways of brewing; there are Manual pour-over, French press, and Drip, just to name a few. The process varies for each method, but the basics are, hot water dissolves most of the coffee grounds, then it passes through some type of filter, which could be paper, cloth, or metal, and then directly to a glass or any sort of container where it is ready to be consumed. 

Hot Brewed Coffee line In Starbucks

On the coffee chain’s website, there are five brewed drinks that they offer. There’s Caffe Misto, Starbucks Dark Roast, Pike Place Roast, and its decaf variant, and the strongest brew of them all (caffeine level-wise), the Veranda Blend. The Veranda Blend has a Blonde Roast profile (which means that the beans are lightly roasted) with a mild flavor and medium acidity. A single Grande cup of a Veranda which is about sixteen ounces, has a total caffeine amount of 360 milligrams, the highest caffeine amounts out of everything on the Starbucks menu.

Cold Brew Coffee line in Starbucks

In the cold brew coffee category, there are also strong contenders for the strongest coffee that Starbucks has to offer. In total, there are five different cold brew beverages available, Salted Caramel, Starbucks Reserve, Vanilla Sweet Cream, and the classic Cold Brew coffee (that you can also get with milk). The largest possible size that the coffee chain offers is a Trenta which is thirty ounces of the beverage of choice. For this category, the strongest coffee out of all is the classic Cold Brew (in Trenta) which also has 360 milligrams of caffeine, sharing the spot with the Veranda Blend as the strongest coffee of Starbucks. 

Other Strong Coffee Mentions

Even though the strongest coffee spot in Starbucks is undisputed by anything else on the menu, there are also some honorable mentions when it comes to intense caffeinated beverages available in the coffee chain. For the hot coffee category, Pike Place Roast takes the second spot behind Veranda. This brewed coffee has a total caffeine amount of 310 milligrams a Grande cup (sixteen ounces). On the other side of the table, the Nitro Cold Brew takes the spot.

This handcrafted signature drink is infused with nitrogen which gives it a smooth, creamy texture that everyone loves. A Grande-sized (sixteen ounces) Nitro Cold Brew packs a total of 280 milligrams of caffeine. Technically, this brew has a stronger caffeine per ounce value than that of the classic cold brew, but unfortunately, you can’t get this drink in the largest size, which is Trenta. That’s why it wasn’t able to take the number one spot. If you are an intense-coffee enthusiast, these beverages will surely not disappoint you

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