What are the main causes of brain fog?

‘The main problem is that when women start to feel a bit rubbish … People might roll their eyes at stories of insomnia, weight gain and brain fog from the likes of Mariella Frostrup, Davina McCall or Jo Whiley, but the fact is midlife women are at …

What causes brain fog, and how to fix it?

How to rid yourself of brain fog?

Stop brain fog and improve your brain health in the following ways:Sleep more.Create a schedule and challenge yourself to complete it.Repeat things in your mind to memorize them.Exercise regularly.Take a social media break.Do more enjoyable activities.Reduce toxins in your home.Avoid smoking and alcohol.Play some brain games.Take a walk.More items…

What causes brain fog and can it be prevented?

What Is Brain Fog? 1.1. Brain Fog SymptomsCauses of Brain Fog 2.1. Stress 2.2. Lack of Sleep 2.3. …The Brain-Gut Connection 3.1. How SIBO Causes Brain Fog 3.2. How Candida Overgrowth Causes Brain FogHow to Get Rid of Brain Fog 4.1. 1. Change Your Diet 4.2. …Brain Fog FAQs 5.1. What does brain fog feel like? 5.2. …Article SourcesFree eBook

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