What are the ingredients in Lady Grey tea?

The addition of the citrus peel can have these added advantages:Potential anti-cancer propertiesMay boost immune systemCould prevent gallstones

How much caffeine is in Lady Grey tea?

Does Lady Grey tea have caffeine in?

What Is The Caffeine Content Of Earl Grey and Lady Grey? Both of these teas have almost similar caffeine content to regular black tea. Expect 27.5 mg of caffeine in a 250ml cup of tea. FAQ Will Earl Grey tea or Lady Grey tea make me lose weight? It is certainly a low-calorie option to opt to consume any form of tea if you’re concerned about weight.

How do you drink Lady Grey tea?

MethodHeat the Water. Heat the water until just before it begins to boil. Take the water off the heat.Brew the Earl Grey Tea. Add the leaves or teabag to a cup. Add the water. …Heat the Milk. Heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave. …Froth the Milk. Use an electric frother to froth the milk. …Assemble the Drink. Add the sugar and vanilla to the tea. …

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