What are the health benefits of holy basil tea?

The main benefits of holy basil (tulsi) include:Fights acneProtects against diabetesHelps fight cancerBalances hormones and lowers stressRelieves feverHelps improve respiratory disordersGood source of vitamin KDental care and oral healthRelieves headachesSupports eye health

What are the health benefits of basil tea?

What are the uses of holy basil?

Uses of Holy BasilHoly Basil Tea: You can use holy basil as a relaxant, typically in the form of a tea. The tea also acts as an anti- inflammatory agent. …Skincare: A skincare regime is beneficial with holy basil. …Eye care: To use, soak some basil leaves in water for about a couple of hours and then use this water to wash your eyes.

Can holy basil help with weight loss?

Holy basil, or Tulsi in Hindi, is an ancient herb that can be a great natural remedy for weight loss. It is very low in calories but high in essential nutrients, providing a range of health benefits. The green leafy plant has been used in Ayurvedic holistic medicine since ages.

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