What are the dangers of Senna tea?

Rectal bleedingRapid heart rateSweatingFaintingSkin rashConstipation

Is Senna tea an effective herbal laxative drink?

Should you drink Senna tea?

Senna tea is billed as one of those quick fixes which can aid in weight loss and detoxification. Since Senna happens to be a natural laxative, drinking the tea made from the herb might help you bring your weight down. However, those lost pounds are water weight. Therefore, it might not aid in actual fat loss.

Is Senna tea safe to drink every other day?

There is no standardized dose, though scientific studies suggest that you should not take more than 34.4 milligrams (mg) twice daily. When researchers have studied it for the treatment of general constipation, the usual dose is 17.2 milligrams (mg) daily. In older adults, 17 mg daily has been used.

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