What are the best Starbucks syrups?

There are 19 different types of sauces and syrups Starbucks uses for their coffee drinks, and as you can imagine, that gives them a lot of possibilities for new and creative drinks. Here I want to go over all the best Starbucks syrups and popular examples you can try them in, like the Vanilla Late! 1. Vanilla Syrup

Are there any healthy drinks at Starbucks?

How many syrups does Starbucks have on the menu?

Just like the creamer option, Starbucks has 11 choices for syrups, not to mention the 4 sauces flavors that literally scream deliciousness but also loads of calories!!! According to the Starbucks menu, one pump of flavoured syrup has 5 grams of sugar, 5 grams of carbs and 20 calories.

Is Starbucks bad for You?

Figuring out what to order from Starbucks can be tricky when you’re trying to eat healthy. In fact, some of their trademark drinks and coffees may contain more sugar, carbs, and calories than some of their desserts.

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