Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine

Whenever I visit a Starbucks store, I always wonder where they get their coffee machines. I find them cool and very efficient. So, it’s no wonder that I once hoped to get my own Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine to make my favorite coffee in the comfort of my home.

In this post, I will share everything about the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine that every coffee lover should know. Let’s see if you can purchase one for your needs!

What is the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine?

Owning a Mastrena is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys and loves exploring different espresso shots. After all, the black and white trio are known to produce up to 240 espresso shots or higher per hour. That is why the coffee machine can brew efficiently on a busy day at Starbucks. It even outperforms the best coffee machines at home.

The Mastrena espresso machines are designed and made exclusively for Starbucks by Thermoplan AG, a Swiss company. These machines are dedicated to high-volume environments and are considered pieces of machinery instead of appliances.

Starbucks coffee shops usually make hundreds of espresso shots daily. There is a UFO-shaped hopper found on top of the espresso maker that can hold a sufficient amount of coffee beans to get the shop through the morning coffee rush; even the employees do not refill the machine with beans while the line of customers continuously grows.

Since the unit is designed to handle a massive amount of storage, it becomes useless for smaller operations. With the built-in burr grinder, Starbucks baristas can perform convenient operations. The espresso machine has a lot of buttons and a frothing wand that baristas can push to get the right amount of espresso for each order.

Another interesting feature of the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine is the cleaning reminders. These machines require more frequent cleaning and maintenance since they process hundreds of orders every day and are used in hectic commercial settings. They remind the baristas several times daily about cleaning. If the cleaning reminders are ignored, they will stop working.

Why Is Starbucks’ Mastrena Espresso Machine So Expensive?

Since the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine is an automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine, it can do all the work by itself. The machine is available in two different models: the Mastrena II and the Mastrena Original (CS2). It is efficient when it comes to steaming, brewing, adjusting the temperature, pre-infusing, dosing, tamping, grinding, and more. 

This coffee machine is built to cater to different commercial services, including automatic steaming and brewing, a commercial heat-up system, espresso shots back-to-back, fast brewing, etc. It can produce more than 240 shots an hour, making it suitable for coffee shops or restaurants. The price tag increases for every Mastrena model because it is specifically designed and manufactured to meet commercial demands.

Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine with High-Priced Extras

  • I understand if you are curious about the espresso machine’s expensive features. So, here are some of the Mastrena Coffee Machine’s features:
  • It gives a cleaning reminder.
  • It comes with a frothing wand, a giant bean hopper, and a built-in grinder.
  • It has extremely advanced internal technology, allowing back-to-back shots and temperature stability.
  • It makes more than 240 shots per hour.
  • It is designed with a computerized memory.
  • It is easy to program.
  • It helps Starbucks baristas brew perfect espresso shots with less effort.
  • It comes with a memory and strength controller for accurate temperature, volume, tamping, grinding, dosing, etc.
  • It is equipped with fast-grinding technology, which is 28% faster than other coffee machines.
  • It also brews and steams milk.

Should You Buy the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine?

If you have the connections and money to get a Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine, feel free to get one yourself. However, many people prefer not to spend a lot of money on an espresso maker with commercial features if they can have one with similar features.

Starbucks has exclusive ownership of all Thermoplan AG machines designed since 1999. When the company creates a new coffee machine model, the old one is introduced to the open market. However, it is not cheap to buy.

How Much Does Starbucks’ Mastrena Espresso Machine Cost?

Starbucks Mastrena Espresso units are said to cost between $15,000 and $24,000. Well, that is a lot of money I will spend on my favorite morning shot of espresso. The cost is not only my concern. As I mentioned earlier, it is more of a machine than a home appliance. So, each unit can take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Top Alternatives to Starbucks’s Mastrena Espresso Machine

Don’t worry if you cannot get a Mastrena unit; here are the top alternatives you might like to consider:

Oracle Touch by Breville

With the Breville Oracle Touch, I can make various espresso shots and milk-based beverages with the simple push of a button. It comes with a touch panel interface, allowing quick and easy operation. As a bonus, it comes with an automatic steam wand, an easy-to-use cradle for your portafilter, and a dual-boiler.

Delonghi Eletta 

This super-automatic coffee machine has a built-in grinder and is efficient in grinding coffee beans. It is worth noting that it also accepts pre-ground coffee. It comes with programmable buttons that I use to control the system. It also has a unique carafe-style steaming system, a front reservoir that can be removed, and a filter for the water in the water tank.

Gaggia Brera 

For those looking for a classic supper automatic machine, the Gaggia Brera could be a perfect option. It helps me brew delicious espresso without exerting so much effort and time. This stainless-steel model also has a built-in grinder, a bypasser, an LED display, and an automatic steam wand. It looks nice, too.


Undoubtedly, the Starbucks Mastrena Espresso Machine is an expensive but efficient coffee machine. Even during most Starbucks days, it has all the necessary features to handle commercial demands and produce espresso shots. If you plan to build your own coffee shop or you really want to get this Mastrena unit, you can have the old Thermoplan AG models with a lot of money and time invested.

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