Is your coffee over extracted?

It’s a slow, gradual change. It’s possible for coffee to be only slightly over extracted, while another mug can be very much so. There are some pretty clear signs that your coffee has been over extracted. Let me show you how to find them. 1. Overpowering Bitterness Bitterness is a misunderstood realm of flavor.

What is over-extraction of coffee?

What is extraction in coffee brewing?

Extraction is the most important and least understood aspect of coffee brewing. It determines everything – the flavor, the body, the acidity, the aroma. Yet, most coffee lovers really have no idea what coffee extraction even means…. and they sacrifice coffee quality because of it.

Why does my coffee taste like its being extracted?

It’s the same thing that happens when you drink black tea or dry wine, but, in coffee, it’s a typical sign of over extraction. This feeling is often caused by polyphenols, micronutrients common in all types of plants.

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