Is there more caffeine with an AeroPress?

Tests done by an independent researcher showed that the caffeine content of AeroPress brewed coffee is the same as comparable strength coffee brewed using other methods. People often find they enjoy their coffee stronger when it is brewed in an AeroPress because of the lack of bitterness, so that would result in more caffeine per cup.

Can you use pre-ground coffee in an AeroPress?

The short answer is yes, you can use pre-ground coffee in an Aeropress. You can use pre-ground coffee for any method of coffee brewing. However, it’s possible to make a more flavorful and rich cup of coffee if you are using whole bean coffee that you grind yourself.

What is the best way to brew AeroPress coffee?

MethodGrind the coffee pretty fine and fill the AeropressAdd the 230g of water to the coffee, and cap the top with the plunger to seal it and prevent dripping.Wait 1:00, and then remove the plunger, give it a few stirs, then press it out slowly.Total brew time 1:35 – 1:45

How fine to grind coffee for AeroPress?

— Jason D. ANSWER: Aeropress recommends you grind coffee on the fine drip or espresso settings. This puts the appropriate grind size for an Aeropress somewhere between what you’d put in a French press (coarse) and the fine grind of an espresso. The texture of your coffee should be similar to the grain size of table salt.