Is starburst vegan and cruelty free?

Starburst is not vegan. This is because Starburst contains gelatin which is derived from cows or pigs. This ingredient is commonly used to create that gummy, chewy texture of candy. Not only is Starburst not vegan, it also contains high amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

Are Starburst candies gluten-free?

Do Starburst have milk or eggs in them?

Starburst are completely dairy-free and don’t contain any milk or eggs. This also means that since there are no warnings on the packaging, it is likely the manufacturer uses dedicated machinery to produce the candy.

Are there dairy free options at Starbucks?

However, for dairy free Starbucks coffee drinkers or a quick vegan nosh on the go, the options have actually expanded. Scroll through our guide, or use these jump links to get ahead:

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