Is putting ghee in coffee really healthy?

Side Effects of Adding Ghee in CoffeeUpset Stomach. High fat intake at breakfast can lead to an upset stomach, in particular, those with gastrointestinal conditions like IBS.Not a Balances Breakfast. If you are planning to replace your breakfast with this coffee, you must drop that idea as it does not meet the guidelines of a balanced …Reduces Your Nutrient Intake. …

Why ghee is the new health food of the moment?

Why to put ghee in coffee?

You can consider adding ghee to your coffee to enjoy even more benefits. The fat content in ghee is considered to be beneficial for the brain, helps boost nerve connections and also improves the production of hormones in the body that elevates your mood.

How to make Bulletproof Coffee with ghee?

50 pantry essentials for a keto lifestyleAvocados. A lot of fruits aren’t advisable for people on a keto diet, but avocados are one delicious exception!Salmon. According to Healthline, fish are “ very keto-friendly ”—low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and minerals.Eggs. …Cottage cheese. …Coconut oil. …Sardines. …Cauliflower. …Olives and olive oil. …Green peppers. …Soft cheeses. …More items…

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