Is “good” espresso supposed to be sour?

Why Does Espresso Taste Bitter Then?Over-extraction of coffee grounds. While the bitter taste may be caused by several factors, I believe the common reason is the over-extracting of coffee grounds.Stale coffee beans. To make a cup of good espresso, you need 7-8 grams of freshly ground coffee roasted about 5-7 days in advance.Water temperature. …Grind texture. …

Why does my espresso taste sour?

Is espresso really better than coffee?

The answer is yes, espresso coffee is much healthier than a regular cup of coffee. By using super automatic espresso machine, you will get a highly concentrated coffee that contains low calories. Below we will discuss which one is healthier and why you need to choose espresso over brew coffee.

Why does espresso taste different from brewed coffee?

Does espresso taste better than coffee? The difference between coffee brewed and espresso is the presence of crema, that reddish-brown foam that gives a shot of espresso an extra dose of flavor and aroma. It can only be produced by a good machine when air bubbles are combined with the soluble oils that come from finely ground coffee beans.

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