Is filtered coffee healthier than unfiltered coffee?

Compared with unfiltered coffee, filtered coffee was associated with a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease or stroke. The lowest mortality was among those who drank one to four cups a day. The study, in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, controlled for many other cardiovascular risk factors.

What kind of water is best for coffee?

Does the type of water you use affect the taste of coffee?

Considering the fact that coffee is 98 percent water, it stands to reason that the type of water you use to brew your java will have a large impact on the overall taste of the finished product (via Craft Coffee Guru ).

Is bottled water the only way to go for your coffee?

But if you’ve done tests on the quality of your tap water and have decided that bottled water really is the only way to go for your coffee, there are a few things you need to remember. Different brands can vary in both mineral content and pH balance, which means not all bottled waters are suitable for making a good cup of coffee.

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