Is drinking coffee good or bad if I have diabetes?

Unfortunately, research on whether coffee is good or bad for diabetes has offered mixed results, partly because the research was not conducted very rigorously. Some studies have suggested that drinking coffee once in a while can be bad for blood sugar levels by making you more insulin resistant.

Why coffee may reduce diabetes risk?

Does drinking coffee help diabetes?

Risks of Coffee Consumption in DiabetesAnxiety -Individuals suffering from anxiety should keep a check on their coffee consumption.Nervousness – If a person consumes too much caffeine, it induces a flight or fight response in the individual’s body. …Restlessness – A person may feel restless after coffee consumption. …Coffee consumption should be limited daily. …

What effects does coffee have on diabetes?

Other things to keep in mind:Adolescents should have less than 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine each day. This includes all caffeinated drinks, not just coffee.Young children should avoid caffeinated drinks.Adding too much sweetener or cream can increase your risk of diabetes and becoming overweight.

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