Is crema bad for You?

Luckily crema is just created by a collection of gases that are happy to disappear if you can wait a short while, it can be a problem if you hate it but need your espressos burning hot though.

What is Crema and how do you use it?

What does Crema taste like?

Crema is typically made of some form of cheese mixed with dairy to create a salty, sweet foam mixture. It tastes more like cream cheese than parmesan, and is a bit thicker than whipped cream. Crema often pairs well with teas without milk, since having both crema and milk tea can be a bit heavy. How do you drink crema?

Is it possible to drink espresso without the perfect Crema?

Yet, in reality, it is absolutely possible to have a great tasting cup of espresso without the perfect crema. Espresso is about the taste. If you enjoy your cup, that’s really all that matters.

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