Is cold coffee as effective as hot coffee?

There are lots of other claims about the benefits of cold brew over hot brew: Cold brew is higher in anti-oxidants. Some people claim that the heat in hot brewed coffee destroys anti-oxidants, but other studies have shown that some anti-oxidants in coffee are better absorbed into the body when the beverage is hot.

Does coffee work better hot or cold?

Does coffee help fight a cold?

Subjects with colds reported decreased alertness and were slower at performing psychomotor tasks. Caffeine increased the alertness and performance of the colds subjects to the same level as the healthy group and decaffeinated coffee also led to an improvement.

Is cold coffee more acidic than fresh coffee?

Cold brew coffee is almost 70% less acidic than hot brewed coffee. This is because the heat from the hot water causes your ground coffee beans to release oils. The cold brewing method is by using cold water which keeps the oils in the grounds resulting in low acid coffee.

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