Is Chai good or bad?

Summary: Chai tea is generally considered safe, although it does contain caffeine and ginger, which may cause negative effects in some people. The optimal dosage is not yet known. Chai tea is relatively simple to make at home. It only requires a few ingredients and you can follow a variety of recipes to make it.

Are Chai and tea the same thing?

So- yes, in essence, they are the same- its just how the tea is treated when its being brewed/served. On literal terms, yes. Chai means tea in India. Since most people in India drink tea boiled with milk and sugar, it basically means “Milk Tea” now.

What is the difference between Chai and coffee?

While the leaves slowly infuse in the water, sugar and milk can be added. Once done, the liquid is strained out and sipped on hot. When brewed, coffee has more caffeine than steeped tea because it is a stronger drink, but there is more caffeine in tea leaves than coffee beans.

Why is chai tea so popular?

What to Look for in ChaiBlend. The best blend of chai is highly subjective. …Balance. Cookbook author Tara O’Brady sums it up: “Masala chai must be balanced.” And, this is where the fun begins with your search.Variety. When it comes to chai, you have some options. …