Is a moka pot the same thing as a percolator?

To the untrained eye, a Moka Pot and a percolator are the same thing. Given, they both look very similar yes, and they even make coffee in a similar way. But they are definitely different coffee makers, and the coffee they produce is very different.

What is the function of a moka pot?

How to tell when a moka pot is done brewing?

It’s best to remove the Moka pot from the heat as soon as the coffee rises into the upper chamber. …Adjust the temperature of the stovetop during the brewing process if necessary. …It can take a few attempts to find the correct heat setting that works for your stovetop and Moka pot.

What is the best grind for a moka pot?

What’s The Best Coffee Grind Size For a Moka Pot?Grind Size For Moka Pot. The best grind size for a moka pot is a little bit coarser than you would use for an espresso machine.Adjusting grind size. The grind size outlined above is just a guideline to start off with. …Bigger grind. Maybe you’re not happy with how your moka pot coffee is coming out. …Smaller grind. Maybe you want to go the other way. …

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