Is 5 hour energy really bad for You?

While 5 Hour Energy may work in providing you a boost of energy, you might be wondering; is 5 Hour Energy bad for you? The short answer is, as long as you’re healthy and aren’t downing shot after shot, 5 Hour Energy is definitely not bad for you, especially if consumed in moderation.

Does 5 hour energy make you lose weight?

Calorie Content. 5-Hour Energy shots contain no calories, which is beneficial for weight loss 1. Consuming fewer calories than you expend is vital for losing weight, so low- or no-calorie items can help you lose weight. However, you do need calories to survive, so reducing calorie intake too much can be detrimental.

What are the negative side effects of 5 hour energy?

epilepsyseizuresdiabetescardiac abnormalitiesmood and behavioral disordersusers of certain prescription medications

What happens if you drink too much 5 hour energy?

With no doubts, the regular 5- Hour Energy drink showed a trend towards a significant increase in systolic blood pressure and a trend towards a significant increase in heart rhythm irregularity energy drinks do something to hour body which may be potential risks of our health. The companies always claims that a regular amount will not hurt.