How to make your own organic mint tea?

How to dry your own MINT and make TEAOnly grow mint in pots, they told me.It will take over your yard, they told me.Good! …So… This summer the mint might, or might not, have taken over the back yard.Either way, I had plenty of mint to dry for mint tea!Sort of like growing mint, drying mint is kind of idiot proof.More items…

What are the health benefits of fresh mint tea?

Table of Contents HideWhat is peppermint tea?What are the uses of peppermint tea?Popular health benefits of peppermint tea 1. …Are there any side effects of peppermint tea?Where to buy peppermint tea? …Is it okay to drink peppermint tea every day?Is it okay to drink peppermint tea on an empty stomach?Is peppermint tea with honey and lemon good for you?More items…

How many leaves to make mint tea?

Mint Tea5-10 fresh mint leaves2 cups water (470 ml)Sugar or sweetener to taste (optional)Lemon (optional)

How to make tea with more flavor?

Seven Ways to Make Tea Less Bitter: Steep, Flavor, and MoreAdd a sweetenerAdd a pinch of baking sodaPour hot tea over iceDon’t overboil the waterUse high quality tea leavesDon’t overbrew the teaLet the tea rest before enjoying. Drinking tea can be one of the most simple yet nuanced experiences of life. Let’s not spoil it with unnecessary bitterness.