How To Make Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Foam?

Want some of that Starbucks type of drink taste at home? Here is a very easy and quick homemade recipe for making the Starbucks pumpkin cream cold foam. If you’re like me, who loves Starbucks fall drinks, Pumpkin Cream Iced Chai Tea Latte, or Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, this pumpkin cream topping is perfect for making these in our own comfortable homes.

Ingredients and Alternatives 

To make this pumpkin cold foam, there are a variety of ingredients that Starbucks uses. We’ll need pumpkin cream cold foam, pumpkin spice, ice, vanilla syrup, and coffee for the topping. The ingredients needed for the pumpkin cream cold foam are sugar, pumpkin puree, cream, condensed skim milk, vegetable or fruit juice (to add color), milk, “natural flavors,” preservative salt, vanilla syrup, and also for dye, annatto.

In making the homemade version, we’ll be removing the added preservatives and food dye. Also, instead of using condensed skim milk and sugar, we will be using something much easier to find at local grocery stores, and that would be sweetened condensed milk.

What we’ll need: 

  • l Milk 
  • l Sweetened Condensed Milk 
  • l Pumpkin Puree 
  • l Pumpkin Spice 

Making the Pumpkin Sweet Cream Cold Foam 

The process to make the cold foam is broken into two steps; (1) Making the Starbucks sweet cream cold foam homemade version by whipping the vanilla extract, sweetened condensed milk, and milk without the use of ready-made vanilla syrup, and (2) to make any type of cold foam, from this point, mix in the flavorings.

1. Making the Cold Foam

To make the cold foam, in a large mixing bowl, start pouring in the non-fat milk (or any milk that you prefer) along with the heavy cream, vanilla extract, and sweetened condensed milk. This is the base for our sweet cream. Although this is the one used for the Starbucks cold brews, this cold foam may as well be added to any drink. 

2. Mix the flavorings 

On the side of the bowl, we now add the pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree along with the cold foam to avoid it from deflating. Until it’s all fully combined, we must continuously whisk.

Proper Storage and Serving 

With our choice of brewed coffee (whether fresh-brewed, cold brew or espresso), we pour ice into a cup. Per cup of iced coffee, the serving of the cold foam would be about ½ cup to 1 cup. This recipe is good for 2-3 servings. The cold foam is now to be transferred to a pourer in order to pour it on top of the iced coffee. We may also use a spoon spread it over. We add a dash of pumpkin spice to the cold foam to top it all off. 

 If we have leftover cold foam, storing it in a mason jar with an airtight lid is preferable. When going to use the cold foam again, just shake the jar strongly, use a mini whisk or portable frother.

Coffee is best paired with cold foam. 

Cold foam is usually best used for and paired with iced coffees. Specifically, this cold foam will work great with cold brews. Aside from cold brews, espresso shows, as well as freshly brewed coffees over ice, works too. However, if we want the best choice and drink when it comes to cold foam, it no doubt be cold brew.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Serving Suggestions 

One example with the pumpkin cold foam; although it is mainly topped on Starbucks cold brew drinks, we can still add anything we want. For instance, on popular customization of the iced chai tea latte, we can add a good fluffy layer and spice of pumpkin cream foam on top. As you can see, the pumpkin cold foam is a perfect mix and kick of spicy fall flavors perfect for any iced cold brew or drink.

Why do we love the Starbucks pumpkin cold foam? 

The pumpkin cold foam is the perfect way to mark the beginning of the fall season if you are like me, who loves all things Starbucks pumpkin spice. Their pumpkin cream cold brew with this decadent pumpkin cold foam swirled with coffee with that little extra pumpkin spice kick topping. It adds such a wonderful spin to this cold brew, and even though it perfectly matches the fall season, it is perfect for any occasion.

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