How to Make Starbucks Doubleshot

When you’ve hit that two-afternoon slump and are craving a fantastic and marvelous coffee, pick me up off the floor beverage is the way to go.Still, you do not want to wake your little ones from their nap, as they are quiet at last, and you do not want to spend more money, as you are on a budget right now, or you don’t want to consume tons of calories, so this Starbucks espresso double shot recipe is the best solution.

Get yourself a second of satisfaction and make the most of your valuable and precious time to yourself.

What you need to make Starbucks Double Shot Espresso 

This recipe is very simple and just a few ingredients are all you need to come up with amazing and mouthwatering drinks: 


Well, this is very obvious. Pull two shots for a tall, three for a grander, and five for a venti. If you are searching for genuinely remarkable espresso beans, I highly recommend looking for a roaster in your area if there is one. Novo Coffee is popular in Denver, while Blue Bottle is famous and notorious in California. This is hard to beat. Both provide online ordering. 

Simple Syrup

I have already used this one in the past. However, you can also make your own. You will need two tablespoons for a Tall, three tablespoons for a Grander, and four tablespoons for a Venti. 

Choice of cream or milk

Putting in heavy cream makes this refreshing and energizing drink stand apart from the rest. But I made it with almond milk for my dad (since he is lactose tolerant), and it is still super yummy, delicious, and refreshing. 

You can put as much cream as you want. On the other hand, for a real Starbucks experience, add one ounce for a tall, then put in one tablespoon more for every size up. 

Simply follow these steps to make this double-shot espresso:

First and foremost, pull as many shots as you like; I want many. Get your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. I have one like the copper one, and I love it so much. If you don’t own one, you can utilize any container available; ensure it has a tight and firm fitting lid. If you have a little Tupperware container in your house, you can also use it. 

Pour the shots over the ice. 

Add the right amount of simple syrup for the size you like. Make sure to be aware of the measurement.

Then, it is time to shake it. Shake the cocktail shakers energetically for thirty seconds to obtain that fantastic foam. Usually, I love doing it as it is one type of workout for me. This helps me work out my morning frustration. And you can do it as well. 

After you have gotten lots of shaken cream foam, your next move is to strain out the remaining ice and then pour the espresso into a glass. And from there, just a few more steps and you’ll have had one of Starbucks’ best drinks.

You can add more milk or cream if you want to. Heavy cream is the best and ultimate treat. On the other hand, the flavor is still good with low fat or a good milk option like coconut or almond. Pay attention as the cream gradually makes stunning streaks in the espresso; it is really mesmerizing as well as a portion of the relaxation experience. 

What if You Don’t Own an Espresso Machine? What Should I Do? 

If you don’t own an espresso maker, there are many other simple ways to obtain the same beverage or drink. You can check out some articles with many ideas on how to come up with the best espresso in the comfort of your home, even without espresso. 

Also, you can check out some of the best options available that will not break your bank account, and at the same time, they are also great space spacers,

How to Acquire Espresso With No Machine:

You don’t have to worry if you do not have an espresso machine, as you can make the drink you want with the help of the following: 

  • French Press
  • Aero Press
  • Moka Pot 

You can just make a really strong coffee using finely ground beans in your coffee maker online. 

So easy and straightforward, right? You are able to bring your preferred coffee shop to the comfort of your home. I love enjoying such a remarkable coffee drink in my backyard or in my entertainment room. Especially after a tiring and boring day, all you want to do is sit and lie down. 

Aside from saving gas and time, you can also save yourself a considerable amount of money. All you need to do is think about what you will do with the savings. 

Personally speaking, I like to imagine I am saving it all up for every day of drinking coffee in the business center, with a blissful lack of chewed-up legos. 


Tall Measurements

Two Tbsp. of Simple Syrup

Two shots of espresso, approximately 3 ounces.

Two tablespoons of heavy cream or milk of choice.

Grande Measurements

Three tablespoons of simple syrup.

Three shots of espresso, about 4 12 oz.

Three tablespoons of heavy cream or preferred milk.

Venti Measurements

Five tablespoons of simple syrup.

Five shots of espresso, approximately six ounces.

Five tablespoons of heavy cream or preferred milk.


Get your shaker or any reusable cup with a lid, and fill it halfway with ice.

Pour espresso and simple syrup over ice. 

Put the lid on and shake it slowly, but make sure to shake it for at least 40 seconds to obtain more foam. 

Fill the tall glass halfway with milk of your choice.

To sum up

The trick here is that this recipe calls for more espresso than a conventional sixteen-ounce beverage and less syrup, which makes it a bit sweeter as well as foamier for the ultimate espresso experience. 

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