How to drink espresso coffee?

Drinking an espresso coffee can also be an art. In an Italian café, you might witness patrons breathing in the aroma as they hold the cup and saucer, and then drinking the entire beverage in 3 or 4 quick gulps. The ritual is finished by firmly but gently tapping the cup back onto the saucer.

What is espresso and what does espresso mean?

Is espresso a good choice for You?

No matter how you say it, espresso is a good choice for a quick caffeine shot full of heavy flavor. Coffee is a lighter liquid to be consumed by the mug. Coffee drinkers know that whatever the choice, a good cup of coffee with its exotic history and world wide fame is always around the corner or at the kitchen brew station.

Can espresso be made with any type of coffee bean?

Simply put, espresso can be made with any type of coffee bean. Don’t stop reading there though. The secret to making espresso beans so unique is the roasting process. One difference is that true, traditional espresso is typically made with a darker roasted coffee bean.

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