How should I make a special Masala tea?

First of all, put water in a vessel in medium flame and keep it for heating.Grind black pepper in water, add ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and basil leaves and boil for 5 minutes.Now mix tea leaves in it and

How to make real Indian Masala tea?

What should I add to my masala chai tea?

Masala or Spice Powder – Crush the spices in pestle or blender into a coarse powder and keep it aside for later useBrew Tea Powder – In a saucepan with medium heat, add 1 cup of water and add 2 tsp of black tea powder. …Add in spices and ginger – Now add in the crushed spice powder, and gingerMore items…

What does masala chai taste like?

What does Masala chai taste like? Masala chai has the flavor and taste of the black tea in tandem with the milk, sugar and the spices or herbs used. The overall taste is determined by the kind and amount of spices and herbs added. It has a fragrant, spiced, astringent and a strong flavor.

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