How much did Starbucks sell Tazo?

Starbucks will be selling Tazo Tea to Unilever PLC for $384 million, according to a press release. The sale will include all of Tazo’s recipes, intellectual property, and inventory.

Who owns Tazo tea?

Starbucks has owned Tazo since 1999. Shutterstock. Starbucks has sold Tazo Tea in an effort to better focus on selling Teavana in stores after closing all freestanding locations.

Is tazo owned by Unilever?

How much did Starbucks sell Tazo?

Is Teavana owned by Starbucks?

Last December, Starbucks purchased Teavana, making it a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary, along side Evolution Fresh, La Boulange, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Tazo. Since that time, (in April this year) Starbucks has introduced a Teavana-branded Starbucks card, and added My Starbucks Rewards stars for purchases made inside Teavana stores.

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