How much cinnamon should you add to your coffee?

The Top 14 Reasons To Add Cinnamon To CoffeeEnhances the taste of coffee – Ok this obviousIncrease in Antioxidants – Ounce for Ounce, Cinnamon has more antioxidants than most other well known antioxidant foodsDiabetics – Helps to regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceridesGood For Your Teeth – Did you ever notice that a lot o f toothpastes have a cinnamon taste? …More items…

Why cinnamon in coffee is good for your health?

How can I make good coffee at home?

First, bring water to a boil in a kettle.If using whole beans, grind the beans to a consistency similar to breadcrumbs (coarser than you’d want for pour-over). …When the water is between 195°F and 205°F (about a minute after removal from the heat), add it to the French press and stir it vigorously into the grounds. …Serve and enjoy. …

Can you add cinnamon to coffee?

Yes, you can sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on the top of your coffee. This way, cinnamon won’t mix with your coffee well, but it does a pretty good job as a garnish. Sprinkling cinnamon works great if you have a froth or whipped cream on your coffee. As you drink your coffee, you get a nice hit without overpowering the cinnamon flavor.

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