How long do AeroPress Seals last?

One of the parts that will require replacement in your AeroPress is the rubber seal (also called the plunger). The newer ones are actually made of silicone. When taken care of properly, this part should last two to three years.

How long do AeroPress plungers last?

How do I store my AeroPress after use?

Disassemble the AeroPress after use and store it disassembled: When the plunger is in the AeroPress body, it is under pressure at the rims. Either push the plunger all the way it to ensure the seal is outside the cylindrical body or keep the plunger and body separate.

What material is the AeroPress made of?

Silicones are rubber like materials that are primarily made of silicon and oxygen. They are frequently used in the manufacture of kitchen implements including those used for baking because of their non-toxicity and excellent durability including resistance to heat. Up until October of 2018 the AeroPress seal was made of a thermoplastic elastomer.

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