How good is the guava juice at Starbucks?

This is actual guava juice, not a blend of juices. Tastes great. Containers store easily since they are shaped sorta square-ish…. The ones I received all had a year or more before the expiration date. I love the Guava Black Tea at Starbucks but I’m on a budget. Combining this with unsweetened black tea is my alternative and it is YUMMY!

Is passion orange guava juice still made in Hawaii?

What is Roi Fabito’s guava juice?

Your browser does not support the audio element. Roi Fabito (otherwise known as Guava Juice or Roi Wassabi) proudly presents his first ever NFT collection. With 10,010 hand drawn, unique, collectible guavatars—this will be the first PFP trading card game.



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