How does coffee affect your sex life?

The substance’s stimulatory effect on the central nervous system can reduce feelings of fatigue, while also improving mental sharpness and focus — meaning, coffee drinkers can stay up later and go a little longer. Sex, after all, is a type of endurance sport. 4. Coffee Can Reduce Stress

Should you drink coffee before or after sex?

Does caffeine increase libido in women?

Coffee Increases Women’s Libido One 2010 study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin looked at how caffeine might affect women’s level of arousal. In the study, women’s physical state of arousal was measured before and after consuming caffeine (while in the presence of an erotic stimulus).

Does coffee help erectile dysfunction?

More research needs to be done, but it looks like coffee might help men with erectile dysfunction and boost the sex drive of women who don’t regularly consume caffeine. Regardless, love who you’re with, enjoy that java and be good to each other.

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