How do you make the perfect cup of espresso coffee?

If you’re not working with capsules or a machine with a built-in grinder, here’s what you’ll need:A good coffee grinder to get a fine espresso grind. We like the Breville Smart Grinder Pro for espresso because the finest setting produces fine, even results that don’t clump …A milk frother, if you want to make a latte or other specialty drink with milk.A kitchen scale. …

What is the best coffee for espresso?


Can you use any kind of coffee to make espresso?

You can make espresso from any kind of coffee, regardless of its type. Espresso beans and espresso blends simply mean the roaster has created a blend specifically for espresso. The darker the coffee roast, the more consistent it is for espresso.

Can I make regular coffee with an espresso machine?

It is possible to make regular coffee using an espresso machine. However, the taste and flavor might be different from what you expect. Those who have taken coffee before might notice the spike. Other drinks are similar to regular coffee. To make the best coffee, you need a dual-purpose machine that can make both espresso and coffee.