How do you make pine needle tea?

Yield: 1 – 4 cups Ingredients:1 – 4 cups of boiled water (1 cup per person)1 – 4 tsps raw, organic honey – optional but advised! ( or sweetener of your choice)slices of lemon – optional½ tsp of tea masala – optional (see below for easy to make tea masala)

Which pine species are best for pine needle tea?

What are the health benefits of pine needle tea?

‘Tis the season to enjoy the health benefits of the mighty pine.Filled with vitamin C. Pine needles are bursting with vitamin C, having four to five more times vitamin C than a cup of orange juice, according to Art of Manliness.May ease cold and flu symptoms. …Lots of vitamin A. …Good to have after exercise. …Offers a positive sense of wellbeing. …

Is it safe to drink pine needle tea?

You can drink pine needle tea every day but you should avoid drinking too much. It is recommended to only try about half a cup for the first time. If you are sure that your body has been used to it and you feel no side effects, you can consume it once or twice a day. In Japan, dried pine needle are also commonly used as Bath Tea.

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