How do you make a coffee avocado shake?

Here is how I made the Coffee Avocado Shake. 2 shots of espresso or about 3 ounces of brewed coffee Slice the avocado open. Remove the seed and peel. Place the avocado (minus the seeds and peel) into a jar. Add the rest of the ingredients to the jar (ice cubes, coffee, sweetened condensed milk, other milk).

What is a coffee avocado smoothie called?

What does avocado with coffee taste like?

The avocado is typically blended with coffee, chocolate syrup, or sweetened condensed milk. Never having eaten avocado in anything but sushi and game-day taco dips, I fully expected it to taste like guacamole. But I’m a sucker for unusual coffee pairings, so this had to be tried at least once. Boy, was I off-base.

Can you drink coffee and avocado together?

Yes, coffee and avocado, together in the same cup. (Swoon.) Besides getting a serving of healthy fats from the avocado, Rosante sneaks in chia seeds to add a superfood boost, protein powder, and berries and cinnamon to add a touch of natural sweetness. Ready to upgrade your mornings?

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