How do stovetop espresso pots work?

All stovetop espresso pots have a funnel that extends from the bottom of the lower chamber to the top of the upper chamber (see picture at right). This is where the magic happens.

How does an espresso maker work?

How to use a stovetop espresso maker?

Secure or twist your bottom and the top chamber of the stove espresso maker. Ensure that these chambers are secured properly; otherwise, there will be a big mess to clean up later. Place your stovetop espresso maker into your hob or stove and start the heat on. Use low flame for better results.

Why does my espresso maker have three chambers?

Believe it or not, your stovetop espresso maker uses three chambers before your cup of java is ready. These three chambers are for your coffee beans/grind, water, and the brewed coffee. If you placed it into the heat or stovetop, the steam is generated from the boiling water on the bottom chamber.

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