How do I conquer my laziness?

First make yourself understand that it is important for you and your life which is above everything so you should do everything to make your life good and productive. …First start with your body because until you feel good and energetic from inside you cant change yourself from outside as your body will not let you do so due …Start w

How to become less lazy?

Can laziness be cured?

Yes, in a way, medications can cure laziness. Even clinical depression has symptoms that are wrongly attributed to being lazy. Consult a certified mental health professional. You’d be positively amazed that proper treatment could achieve. Most people are not lazy.

How to overcome procrastination in five simple steps?

Tips for Overcoming ProcrastinationDeal with Your Fear. Fear is one factor that contributes to procrastination. …Make a List. Start by creating a to-do list with things that you would like to accomplish. …Break Projects Down Into More Manageable Segments. …Recognize the Onset of Procrastination. …Eliminate Distractions. …Reward Yourself. …Final Thoughts. …

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