How do energy drinks affect your body within 24 hours?

Taurine is required by your body to:Properly maintain the hydration and electrolyte balance in cellsCreate bile salts (which are important for your body’s digestion system)Regulate minerals within your bodyRegulate your body’s immune system health and antioxidant functionSupport the overall function of your central nervous system

Is the five-hour energy drink bad for You?

The short answer is, as long as you’re healthy and aren’t downing shot after shot, 5 Hour Energy is definitely not bad for you, especially if consumed in moderation. To learn more about 5 Hour Energy and come to a decision on whether it’s actually bad for you or not, stick around…

Is 5 hour energy drink bad for You?

“Recent studies have linked the popular 5-Hour Energy drink to serious side effects including heart attacks, convulsions, [hepatitis], and at least one case of spontaneous abortion. Over the past four years, 5-Hour Energy has been associated with at least 13 deaths and over 90 adverse event reports.

What are the long term effects of energy drinks?

Side effects of energy drinks – from most common to least common, include:Palpitations (heart skipping a beat or adds an extra beat)Shaking and tremorsRestlessness and agitationUpset stomachChest painsDizzinessTingling or numbness in the skinInsomnia (inability to sleep)Difficulty breathingHeadaches