How do coffee farmers earn a living?

However results differed between countries: Farmers in Indonesia rely heavily on income from coffee for example, whereas Kenyan farmers mainly earn a living from sales of other farm goods or other employment away from the farm. On average, coffee farmers in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam earn a living household income.

How many coffee farmers are there in the world?

Which country has the highest income from coffee farming?

This study shows that Indonesian and Vietnamese coffee farmers have the highest household incomes, mainly due to high income from coffee. While some Kenyan farmers are making a profit on on their farms, on average Kenyan farmers produce coffee at a loss.

How much do Fairtrade coffee farmers earn?

What Do Coffee Farmers Earn? As of the 6th of July, Fairtrade prices for Arabica stand at US $1.55–$1.90/lb, and Robusta at US $1.51–$1.55/lb, with farmers required to invest at least 5¢ of that in quality/productivity improvement measures.

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