How can you make your coffee more sustainable?

Coffee production can be made more sustainable by incorporating practices such as better crop-management and water use practices, using pheromone boxes to ward away insects in lieu of pesticides, composting coffee bean waste to use as fertilizer, using coffee hulls as fuel instead of cutting down eucalyptus trees, shade-growing, and reforestation.

How can you be consistent when drinking coffee?

Can Starbucks make its coffee more sustainable?

In addition to going carbon neutral in its coffee supply chain, Starbucks intends to halve its water usage in green coffee processing. This recent announcement about making its coffee more sustainable is good news. But, what is sustainable coffee?

Is manual coffee making eco-friendly?

Manual coffee brewers stand in defiance against another one of the great challenges to eco-friendly coffee: auto drip coffee makers. If you take a stroll to your neighborhood supermarket and look at the coffeemakers, you’ll realize a couple things. Firstly, they are cheaply priced.

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