How can I prevent my coffee from tasting sour?

A darker roast can release rich caramel notes in your brew, which is a great way to prevent your coffee from tasting sour. Coldwater molecules are not active enough to complete extraction at low temperatures, so pulling a shot at that temperature results in under extraction.

What does sour taste like in coffee?

How to fix a sour French press coffee?

However, if you are making pour-over coffee, adding water also adds some brewing time since it takes longer to pour. To fix a sour French press coffee, you can try brewing it longer for more extraction. You need to give your coffee at least 4 minutes of brewing time.

Why does my AeroPress coffee taste sour?

A small amount of the under-extracted coffee tends to move back to the AeroPress brew chamber into your cup, allowing more extraction. Another factor that can contribute to the perception of coffee tastes sour is drinking the lighter roasted and fruitier coffees, particularly the Arabica coffee beans.

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