Does tea stain your teeth more than coffee?

Tea stains your teeth more than coffee. Despite the fact that your dark roast may appear to have more color than say, black tea, through naturally occurring tannins and processes such as oxidation, teas can really take to teeth, potentially leaving you stained or splotchy.

How do you get rid of tea stains on your teeth?

Does stopping coffee make your teeth whiter?

Stopping coffee consumption alone won’t make your teeth whiter. It will stop further yellowing from taking place at the same rate. However, one must remember that discolored teeth exhibit enamel filled with Chromogens. They’re much more susceptible to staining in general.

How can I whiten my tea cup?

Use a bit of baking soda and salt to lift surface stains, then rinse with hydrogen peroxide twice a week Brush with whitening toothpaste immediately after you finish the cup to keep stains from setting Ultimately, we want to stress that, despite the potential for pesky stains, drinking tea is good for you.

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