Does Starbucks sell Teavana tea?

Starbucks sells several bottled Teavana teas in their stores, located in the grab-n-go refrigerator next to bottled water. Most Starbucks locations sell three flavors and one of them is black tea-based: Teavana Mango Black Tea. Each bottle of Teavana Mango Black is100 calories and contains black tea, cane sugar, natural flavors and citric acid.

What kind of tea does Starbucks have on the menu?

Originally on the Starbucks secret menu as Medicine Ball Tea, it got so popular, this customer created drink made it onto the official menu with a new name. Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility tea sachets are steeped in hot water and steamed lemonade. A little honey adds more sweetness. Ask for a pump of peppermint syrup for a minty twist. 14.

Does Starbucks have decaf black tea?

Does Starbucks sell Teavana tea?

Can you get matcha tea at Starbucks?

Although you can’t get just straight matcha tea at Starbucks, you can get a chai tea, which is much different than a chai tea latte. A chai tea latte is made with a concentrate and served with milk while chai tea is a tea bag made up of black tea and spices.

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