Does orange pekoe tea have real orange in it?

The “orange” in Orange Pekoe is sometimes mistaken to mean that the tea has been flavored with orange, orange oils, or is otherwise associated with oranges. However, the word Orange is unrelated to the tea’s flavor. Answer has 3 votes. There are two explanations for the meaning of “Orange” in Orange Pekoe, though neither is definitive.

Does orange pekoe tea actually taste like orange?

What are the benefits of Orange Pekoe tea?

Lower cholesterolReduce inflammationDecrease blood pressureImprove brain healthFight off infection

Does orange pekoe tea have caffeine in it?

‘O’ is for Orange, ‘B’ is for Broken, ‘F’ is flowery, ‘P’ is Pekoe … of tea. I peep in at a chai kadai. He’s boiling the tea. I pass it up. At 5,500ft, Munnar does not have …

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