Does light roast contain more caffeine than a dark roast?

Surprisingly, light roast coffee beans contain slightly more caffeine than dark roast beans — depending how you measure. Light roast beans have more caffeine by volume, while dark roast beans have more caffeine by weight. Why does Light Roast Have More Caffeine than Dark Roast?

What are the differences between light and dark roast coffee?

Which coffee is stronger light roast or dark roast?

Bright cherry coffee beans are picked at the peak of ripeness.The cherries are brought back to be inspected and sorted. During this process, the red covering of the beans is removed, and each bean is checked for quality.Any additional debris is removed from the coffee bean, and it is prepped for roasting.

Is light roast coffee better than dark?

When it comes to flavor and aroma, light roast coffee is actually better tasting while caffeine content is the same whether you use dark or light. Dark wins in terms of an earthier, more bitter and smoother flavor with a lot less acidity while light roast wins for having a brighter, more flavorful profile. What does it all come down to?

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